is life.


relationships are so tricky, and complex, and crazy.

and convoluted. 

and there are like 100 people who can read this entry, and think that i’m talking about them.

but no

for once, this is about no one but me.

about me.

because as much as humans

other humans

continually prove to me that they are NOTHING but energy sucking things

that require nothing less than all of your energy

i still

i still

i still

insist on being friends with everyone.

& no, it’s not what you think

i’m not complaining about friendship

i love friendship

and friends

and i am surrounded by a bunch of the best people in the world

that love me

and i do NOT doubt that. 

i literally feel blessed because of that.

it’s just i’ve realized that friendship is just like $$$

& you know what they say about $$$:

mo’ money, mo’ problems.

& i got a whole lotta problems right now.

[i hate growing up. 

i hate having to do the right thing.

i hate hurting people by doing the right thing.

i hate ending friendships.]

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